How to reverse engineer your Meal Planning

For a busy family, meal planning can significantly impact their collective stress and time and budget management. Meal Planning is essentially writing down what you plan to prepare for meals in advance. Typically dinners for the week ahead. By organising your meals in...

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How to shop second-hand book sales right.

I went to a second-hand book sale today. You know the kind of thing, like a jumble sale or trash 'n' treasure but just for books. Big trestle tables filled the local memorial hall in Yass and hundreds of books were spread across them in vaguely similar collections....

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I’m Lauren

Before you start a bonfire of all your family's belongings that are so out-of-control you just can't stand it anymore; using self-help books and well-meaning chore charts as kindling ... give me a call,
I can help you make sense of the chaos.