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Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m not naturally organised. I am not a minimalist. I am forgetful. I am a procrastinator. I am lazy.
And it is because of all that and much more that I am: Lauren Winzar – decluttering and organizing coach.

Now, I may not be naturally organised. BUT I love things to be organized. I always have. Growing up I loved rearranging my room, sorting things into categories and colour coordinating everything from my school books and highlighters to my suitcase and travel jacket.

I also did my assessments at the very last minute and once lost my copy of The Hobbit under a pile of clothes on a chair for over 6 months.

See, I like the pretty. I like the organised. But I struggled to maintain it on a larger scale or long term.

When I became a mother I found it necessary to maintain some sort of schedule and structure to my time and I lost count of the number of planners, daily checklists, weekly schedules, time trackers, feeding trackers, food trackers, and life trackers I downloaded. Each once adding to the feeling that I was not coping. I gotta tell you, this did not help my postnatal depression.

THAT is a story all in itself, so I’ll just throw some words at you and, if you know, you know: sleep deprivation, isolation, my narcissistic mother, ‘difficult child’, sleep training, anxiety and depression, autism. Just a few highlights from that chapter of my life. (you are not alone)

I am loving having the support of like minded people
and am constantly amazed at the emotional moments
and light bulb moments I have had about every day items.
It has made the way I look at things in my life very different
and assess why I feel I ‘need’ items.


Not only did she give me an awesome tip to make it
really easy to go through my paperwork,
she also completely shifted the way I judged myself
for not being completely sorted yet.


There were tears as I felt seen and loved by her.

And a complete turn around.

I am now proud for not giving up on my quest to have an organised and clean house.


I participated in Lauren’s “Finding Your Way class.

Lauren helped me to look at my space in a different way and find new approaches that suit my personality.

Plus, she is just so respectful and makes the whole process as easy as possible.


Lauren gets people to take action in a really simple way.
She is completely generous and supportive.

I felt so embarrassed about needing this help
and was worried that someone in this area
would induce more shame and overwhelm.

But Lauren just isn’t like that.

With Lauren on my team,
I feel proud of myself for taking action
and I know that in time I will absolutely
have the habits and systems I need to make my life flow easier.


Lauren is one of the most organized people I’ve ever met and always has a fresh way of seeing solutions to things that can seem really overwhelming. She’s like the voice of reason keeping the angel and the devil on your shoulder in check!


Lauren is simply amazing at what she does. I will admit to stalking this page for a while and once I was assured she was the one to help me I jumped on in and haven’t looked back.

She gave me confidence to tackle small areas in my home before I moved onto larger areas. She has also given me the confidence to let go of some family heirlooms.

Every week I declutter further and as I free up my physical space it allows more richness and positive energy to enter my life.


I was really struggling to set up my craft room so that it would be both workable and a pleasure to be in.

Lauren worked with me so that I could identify what I wanted and how to achieve it.

She gave me back my belief so that I could create the space I wanted.


Its so much more than writing goals or chucking out that stuff because it doesn’t serve you anymore.

It’s about living the life YOU want for yourself,
the one you consciously chosen and makes you a better person.


Its not just decluttering, its not just organising,
its almost like counselling and psychology
of living a more organised and peaceful life.


Working with Lauren did more than just declutter my home,
it changed my relationship with my home.

My home has become the sanctuary I craved.

The experience was totally worth it.


One day, not at all out of the blue, I found myself standing alone in my mother’s house deciding where to begin the process of clearing it out. She was sick and was being moved interstate. I was to pack and send her essentials, then sell what I could and donate the rest. This was a 3 bedroom house + garage.

Every wall was covered by a bookcase, every bookcase was packed tight with books. And decorating every other available space were treasured knickknacks.
The place was clean and tidy, but very very full.

After 2 weeks, 12 hours a day, some friends helped me hold a weekend-long garage sale. We donated carloads to the local charities plus furniture. I took home some things that I wasn’t ready to part with and we sent ‘the essentials’ to storage in QLD. Those essentials took up the same cubic meterage as we needed to move my family of 4 to our new home just a few months earlier.

We are all different, but what is the same, I think, is that we’re all striving to make our home our sanctuary. A place of calm. Where we can be ourselves. Where we are accepted and accept ourselves. Our peaceful space. And that looks different to everyone.

I got home and found that, while tired, I had the urge to keep going, to keep decluttering and clearing space. I had become aware of how much emotion I held in things and how cathartic it was to release them. So I just kept going.

And as I went, I learnt about my decision-making process, my habits, and my tendencies. All the little quirks that make me me. And I noticed how this differed from person to person and professional system to professional system as I studied anything I could find and while I helped friends and then clients.

This was when I really came to understand that having less to organise was really the key to good organisation.

I haven’t changed. I’m still a lazy, forgetful procrastinator. I’ve just built scaffolding in my environment (and I expect I will continue to do so) to support me.

I don’t just declutter clothes and books and kitchen utensils either. I believe that clutter is anything that’s covering up the life I want to live. I have decluttered obligations, expectations, commitments, relationships and responsibilities and people. I have decluttered a number of people from my life and I have uncovered more of me with every one.

So that’s how I got here. What’s your story?

Working with Lauren did more than just declutter my house – she changed my relationship with my home.

My home has become the sanctuary that I craved. The experience was totally worth it, and I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who is ready to work through their stuff.

Heather T.

Just spent 2 days with the wonderful Lauren Winzar, decluttering in readiness for a downsizing move later in the year.

Lauren makes the process of decluttering and reorganising so easy - and I know that with her extensive network of contacts, what I get rid of will go directly to someone who will use it (art things to an art therapist, music things to a music teacher, etc).

I highly recommend Lauren for such things she is brilliant!!

Gretchen A.

I was slightly sceptical at first but was very HAPPILY proven wrong as Lauren is absolutely amazing.
She helped me Brain Dump my mind, get my goals sorted, and helped me think of things I would never have thought of without her.
She listens, she cares, she works miracles.
It's not just decluttering, it's not just organising, it's almost like counselling and psychology of living a more organised and peaceful life.
It's so much more than writing goals or chucking out that stuff because it doesn't serve you anymore. It's about living the life YOU want for yourself, the one you have consciously chosen and makes you a better person.
I can't think of anyone more amazing than Lauren, and you NEED her now!
Clare S.

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