Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to throw away birthday cards?


I don't want it to go to waste! What do I do?

Use it.

But I'm not using it.

Then it’s already going to waste. Some options might be donating or recycling, gifting or selling. If it’s a choice of going to waste in landfill or going to waste in your home, choose landfill – your home is not a dump and you are not saving the planet by making it so.

How do I get my partner on board?

You don’t. You can only control your own actions and your own stuff. You deal with your stuff. Keep dealing with your stuff. I can help you learn to understand their stuff.

How do I get my friend to call you?


Don’t tell them they need to do something about their mess. If they feel they need to, and they say something to you, then mention that you know someone. It’s their home and life, not yours. If they are happy, let it go – it could be more a ‘you’ problem than a ‘them’ problem. If you think their health and safety are at risk contact me yourself and we can discuss their individual situation and how they might be helped. Share my posts (on your feed, not theirs). Tell them about my page or how you found me and how inspired you were to make changes to your life.

I'm really tidy, but my kids never put anything away how do I get them to tidy up?

They are kids. That’s normal. But there are a few things you can do:

  1. Don’t do it for them. Give them as much power over their belongings as you can.
  2. Help them pare down to reduce how much they have to contend with.
  3. Give them a structure to allow them time to tidy up.

(Eg: Warning: “5 mins then pack up time!”, or use a cue like a pack up music or chanting, or a “this then that” directions: “it’s time to tidy up then we can have dinner!”)

My “Combating Toy Clutter” course is a great resource if you want more help in this area.