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Are you ready to find the life you love under the stuff you have?

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Making sense of the chaos

Hi, I’m Lauren. I live in Yass NSW with my partner, our two kids, and our two pets.
Like any busy family, we have places to be and things to do – things that are so much more fun than dusting or looking for lost keys.

My practice is all about simplicity and helping you to curate your space, giving you more time to spend on things that matter.


Whether it be your kitchen bench, office calendar, or whole life, everyone can use a little more space. Work with me to identify the things that belong and those that are just in your way.

Consult with me via video to access to my knowledge & experience while you plan or work through your decluttering and organising projects.
Packages can be structured to allow for tricky schedules and are a great way to maintain accountability as your work towards your goals.

After a consultation and tour of your space, I can tailor a plan for you to work through on your own and in your own time. A budget friendly option for the self-starter, who just need to know where to start.

For that special someone who wants a little helping hand. Please contact me to discuss the recipients’ needs.


There is no one size fits all approach

to curating the lives we want.



It can be intimidating to ask for help. Many of my clients feel embarrassed to share their struggles.

I like to start be having a chat to get to know you and understand what you hope to get out of our working together, and let you get to know me a bit better too.

Then, when you’re comfortable, we’ll have a bit of a tour of the area in question and discuss your goals.


Your individual space, lifestyle, and goals in mind, I’ll work out a flexible outline for the project.

Depending on the size of the job this may be a quick chat or a detailed written plan.

 I can recommend products or systems that may be used, but will never pressure you to do, buy, or part with anything you don’t want to.

I encourage using what you have on hand first and only purchasing storage or organizing items when we know it will be right for your space.


Everything you have, you have for a reason. That doesn’t mean you have a good reason to keep them.

We will go through every item and consider whether or not it has a place in your space and how it supports your goals.

As we go, we’ll separate the items to keep from those to donate or throw away.


By the time we’re done, you’ll have a new found appreciation for your belongings and your space.

You’ll know more about yourself and have a better understanding of how to manage your environment.

 It’s very likely you’ll be a bit tired too.

The best part of the whole process is sitting down with a cuppa or a glass of your favourite beverage and basking in the satisfied exhaustion that comes from conquering your clutter.


I understand that inviting a professional organiser into your home or workplace can be a big-step. Asking for help isn’t always easy.

Perhaps the kind words from the people I’ve already helped may give you some reassurance.


I was slightly skeptical at first but was very HAPPILY proven wrong as Lauren is absolutely amazing.

She helped me Brain Dump my mind, get my goals sorted, and helped me think of things I would never have thought of without her. She listens, she cares, she works miracles.
It's not just decluttering, it's not just organising, it's almost like counseling and psychology of living a more organised and peaceful life.

It's so much more than writing goals or chucking out that stuff because it doesn't serve you anymore. It's about living the life YOU want for yourself, the one you have consciously chosen and makes you a better person.

I can't think of anyone more amazing than Lauren, and you NEED her now!

Clare Silvestro, November 2019.


I’m already a fairly organised person, but getting a second set of eyes, and professional experience was invaluable!

I had Lauren do my kitchen, and 2 years later, I’m still using her system! A lot of thought and just natural talent goes into her service. A very enjoyable experience that leaves you with the benefits for a long time. Thanks Lauren!

Melissa de Jong, August 2019.


Lauren is one of the most organised people I’ve ever met and always has a fresh way of seeing solutions to things than can seem really overwhelming.

She’s like the voice of reason keeping the angel and the devil on your shoulder in check!

Liz P., August 2019.


Lauren is an amazing decluttering and organising wizard. She professional and gives you the tools to not only have a Kmart Instagram worthy place but the ability to maintain it!! 😍😍 10/10 would recommend!

Charlotte E., August 2019.


Lauren is fantastic she helpful patient and she care about you and your belongings and she is very understanding of what you want and what you want your space to be

Petra T., August 2019.


Working with Lauren did more than just declutter my house – she changed my relationship with my home.

My home has become the sanctuary that I craved. The experience was totally worth it, and I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who is ready to work through their stuff.

Heather T., August 2019.