Making Sense of the Chaos

Hi, I am Lauren Winzar, Decluttering and Organising Coach.

We are all different, but what is universal, I think, is that we’re all striving to make our home our sanctuary. A place of calm. Where we can be ourselves. Where we are accepted and accept ourselves. Our peaceful space.

 That’s where I can help and support you. Together, working with your natural tendencies, life, and desired outcomes, we will create your unique space and environment. Even better, what you learn along the way, will help it stay the way you like it or support you in creating a new space!

Please have a look around and get in touch when you are ready.

There were tears as I felt seen and loved by her and a complete turnaround.

I am now proud for not giving up on my quest to have an organized and clean house.


My Promise to You

You will be seen, heard and supported without judgement.

Work with me


I provide a non-judgemental approach to decluttering and organising your life – from your calendar to your garage, and a range of other ways to work together.

With communication, I can support any additional needs you may have.
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Sometimes you feel you’ve got it all together, but there are just one or two parts that aren’t working for you.

My courses walk you through some of the most common stressors my clients ask after.

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There is no end date for decluttering and organising.
Life goes on and new challenges come our way.

I do not want to leave you with a few new strategies then send you off into the world on your own,
that’s why I’ve created
the Simplicity Membership
– all my best offers at an accessible price.

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If you’re here, you are probably sick of feeling like you are living in piles of ‘stuff’ and ready to feel free of the clutter.

Each journey is unique, and I’d like us to get to know each other before committing to work together.

So when you are ready to jump in, Book a free 30 min discovery call with me.

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Lauren is one of the most organised people I’ve ever met and always has a fresh way of seeing solutions to things that can seem really overwhelming.

She’s like the voice of reason keeping the angel and the devil on your shoulder in check!

- Liz P

Lauren is an amazing decluttering and organising wizard.
She is a professional and gives you the tools to not only have a Kmart Instagram worthy place but the ability to maintain it!

10/10 would recommend!

- Charlotte E

Lauren is fantastic!

She is helpful, patient and she cares about you and your belongings, and she is very understanding of what you want and what you want your space to be.

- Petra T

Making Sense of the Chaos

After years of working in small businesses as well as raising my two ASD children, I found my life-long passion for order and systems had grown beyond my home.
I have personal experience with the profound impact clutter (and thus decluttering) can have on an individual as well as their family and friends, their health - both mental and physical, and their quality of life.
Now I work to help people from all walks of life and in all stages of clutter to uncover their lives.