I love when past me has my back!

“I love when past me has my back!” said current me as I pulled a pair of earbuds from my laptop bag. My family and I have been on the road for 11 days now. I think that’s right. I only know it’s a Sunday because my partner reminded me when I was confused as to why the...

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How to Declutter Excuses, Get More Done And Feel Great.

Stop making excuses, you're doing just fine. I've had a bad night's sleep. I have a headache and cramps. I worked late. We had afterschool activities that ran late and had calls to make in the evening that also went longer than usual. Before tidying up this morning....

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Ten easy steps to get your tween to clean.

Our kids are people too. Their motivations differ just as much as your motivations differ from those of your colleagues, partner, friends or even from yourself (if you’re like me) from one minute to the next. So advice such as “just make them” or “rewards charts” or...

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I’m Lauren

Before you start a bonfire of all your family's belongings that are so out-of-control you just can't stand it anymore; using self-help books and well-meaning chore charts as kindling ... give me a call,
I can help you make sense of the chaos.