Why holidays are good for your decluttering mindset

When my little family and I first relocated to Yass (from Brisbane), we were put up in a furnished apartment close to my partner’s office while we looked for a rental property.  It felt like an immense luxury and I still feel very privileged and grateful for that...

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Still, hanging onto clothes that don’t fit?

Are you still hanging onto clothes that you haven’t worn in years?  Decluttering your wardrobe can be a problem area, especially when you’re holding onto clothes that don’t fit anymore, or just don’t sit right because your body has changed size and shape after...

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Why clever organizing hacks rarely work

Ah, Instagram…  For an organizing coach like me, it’s an online world of beautifully organized homes mixed with tips and hacks that look so simple to do.  The other day I was scrolling through my feed and two posts stood out to me.  The first post was...

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Got a stressful morning routine? You can change it…

You’re checking your handbag for keys, wallet, and phone while shouting, "Have you got your shoes on yet!?" or, "Oh my goodness, your HAIR!".  You look across the kitchen and see dirty cereal bowls, a few splashes of milk on the counter, an open cereal packet, a...

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I’m Lauren

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