Are you still hanging onto clothes that you haven’t worn in years? 

Decluttering your wardrobe can be a problem area, especially when you’re holding onto clothes that don’t fit anymore, or just don’t sit right because your body has changed size and shape after having kids. 

Maybe you have clothes that were once essential – like workwear – that haven’t been worn in years because now you’ve got kids to look after and wear clothes that allow you to move around more easily instead of sitting at a desk. 

But, still you struggle to get rid of your old clothes because that means you’re letting go of who you used to be. 

Instead you need to fully embrace who you currently are, and who you’re growing into. 

If this is you, and you really want to declutter your wardrobe, then before you decide that your clothes DON’T fit, and you’re holding onto them for the day that they do, why not simply try them on? 

It seems silly to try something that you know doesn’t fit, but more often than not you realize that you’re closer to fitting into them than expected. 

Or, they actually do fit but look completely different. 

Like one member of my group coaching workshop found out when she tried on her unworn clothes for the first time in years. 

She realized that her clothes did fit her, but they just weren’t who she was anymore, so she was able to let go of them more easily. 

When you declutter your wardrobe it makes getting dressed every day easier, less stressful and more comfortable. 

And, you know that you’re wearing clothes that feel like you, instead of wearing a costume of somebody that you think you’re supposed to be. 

So that’s my challenge to you – take those unworn clothes out of your wardrobe and try them on. 

Do they really not fit you? 

If not, then why are you holding onto them? 

And if they do, do they truly represent who you are now? 

Decluttering and organizing your wardrobe is just one way in which I help my clients bring calm to their lives because I teach them habits and strategies that help to deal with the mess of everyday life.